Do you really want to take a chance with a closet, or interior room to protect you and your family? Below ground is the obvious choice to improve your chances of survival when you are in the path of a killer storm.

We Are in the Red Zone

Tornado Risk Map

Red Zone storm shelters can be placed in any convenient location on your property. Inside or outside, the choice is yours. Call today for a fast and FREE consultation.

To discuss possible custom sizing contact a Red Zone Storm Shelters representative today. (417) 881-ZONE

We sell and install the NUMBER ONE selling tornado storm shelter in America.

We sell and install tornado storm shelters that can be installed in your garage, carport, patio, or yard. Each tornado storm shelter or safe room is manufactured in our Oklahoma City, OK facility and is dedicated to strict high quality standards to insure you are safe when your life depends on it. We include a Lifetime Transferable Warranty with each storm shelter protecting the homeowner from any defect that could lead to leakage or floating.

Whether you call them storm cellars, storm shelters, or tornado shelters, they can be installed almost anywhere, are trap resistant with a sliding ball-bearing door, and will be registered with the local authorities to ensure your safe exit.

Each storm shelter has a thick layer of Coal Tar Epoxy applied to it to provide protection against erosion due to external moisture and soil acidity. This is the best method known in the industry to prevent metal corrosion.


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